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POLL: Best move Bengals made this offseason

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals didn't make a lot of moves this offseason, but the ones they did make should have a significant impact on the 2015 team.

The addition of defensive end Michael Johnson or re-signing of guard Clint Boling were far and away the best moves Cincinnati made. That's two quality starters are under contract for at least five more seasons, and they've both been significant contributors to the Bengals' four playoff berths in five years.

Russell Baxter did a breakdown of the top five moves the Bengals made this offseason, and coming out on top was getting Boling re-signed. Also making his list was the re-acquisition of Johnson and the additions of Pat Sims, A.J. Hawk and Denarius Moore.

Personally, I would go with getting Johnson back as the best move made this offseason. I think he has a bigger impact at a position where the Bengals have almost nothing outside of Carlos Dunlap.

What say you?