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Bengals Bites (4/13) - Mocking It Up

PFT comes out with their version of the mock draft and have an interesting choice for the Bengals. Dre Kirkpatrick learns off the field focus.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

PFT mock draft 2015 | ProFootballTalk
This first (possibly only) PFT mock draft for 2015 does not factor in trades, although trades can (and probably will) happen. Comment, discuss, complain, whatever in the comments below.

Dre Kirkpatrick learns off-the-field focus in pursuit of NFL starting spot |
Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick will enter the 2015 NFL season with his best chance yet of earning a starting position with the Cincinnati Bengals, and he's spent much of his offseason working toward that goal. An ardent Twitter user, Kirkpatrick has shared with fans snippets of his workouts, some of which have taken place at Alabama's indoor practice facility, through social media.

BBMP Sports :: Are You Mocking Me!? The Bengals Select....
It's hard to believe, but the Cincinnati Bengals were a playoff team last year.  I say it's hard to believe because the talent they have to work with isn't all that special as a whole.  The Bengals finished just 20th in both passing yards allowed and rushing yards allowed.  They were also just 21st in passing yards per game, despite having the best WR in the NFL, AJ Green.  On top of that, they entered the season with new offensive and defensive coordinators.

Cincinnati Bengals 2015: Marvin Lewis, Andy Dalton finally contend - Stabley Times
Marvin Lewis has spent his long Cincinnati Bengals tenure putting a series of good teams on the field and being praised for doing so within the context of a no-frills organizational structure in which he has more administrative responsibility than many of his NFL counterparts. But with quarterback Andy Dalton evolving, and a wide receiver crop worthy of attention, is 2015 the year in which the Bengals finally go from good to great and contend for a title?

Cincinnati Bengals: 5 Best Offseason Moves
We are now not only less than three weeks away from the 2015 NFL draft but in the process of wrapping up the 2014 playoff teams when it comes to our latest NFL series. That’s why we have shifted away from inquiries (5 Questions Worth Asking) to definitive answers for each of the 32 NFL teams when it comes to the offseason.

Cincinnati Bengals draft preview: Lewis looks to beef up the pass rush | FOX Sports
The Cincinnati Bengals hold the No. 21 overall pick in the NFL Draft. In our 32-team preview series, takes a look at their roster post-free agency and delivers a plan of attack for the last day in April. Marvin Lewis' defense struggled to get to the quarterback a season ago. Boosting the Cincinnati Bengals' pass rush should be the team's priority.

Another store was apparently selling those supposed new Browns orange jerseys |
Are they real or aren't they? That's the question Browns fans have been asking themselves since photos of the supposed Browns new uniforms popped up last weekend on Twitter. Well, according to another photo posted on Twitter Sunday, a store in Columbus jumped the gun and put those same purported Browns new alternate jerseys on its shelves.