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Trent Harris is a Future Superstar

Trent Harris may be becoming more popular than his NFL dad. The two-year-old gave his second performance of the National Anthem to a crowd at the Lakewood Blueclaws game this weekend.

Let's just call this the cutest version of the National Anthem ever sung.

Trent Harris may be the most well-known two-year-old National Anthem singer. After his second performance of The Star-Spangled Banner at the Lakewood Blueclaws game this weekend, Trent's dad, Bengals long snapper, Clark Harris and his wife, Jessica couldn't be prouder.

"This was only his second time singing (in front of a large crowd), and I try to get him to practice at home, but he never does, he just winds up throwing the microphone," Clark Harris told "But to see him do it today in this setting, in front of this crowd, it was truly awesome."

Trent's first performance came back in February, when he sang the National Anthem at a Southern Regional High School basketball game, his father's alma mater, and quickly garnered national recognition, mostly for his cuteness.

"Getting him out here to see what he can do in front of a bigger crowd was awesome," Harris told "All parents want their kids to supersede them, and I hope he just continues to grow, and that everyone continues to love him, and see how cute he is out there."