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Bengals Bites (4/16) - Local Workouts

The Bengals workout some local products. Thinking about draft options. Deadspin takes a look at Cincinnati Beer.

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CINCINNATI: Quarterback Munchie Legaux gets workout with Bengals | Cincinnati Bengals |
Munchie Legaux returned to Paul Brown Stadium on Wednesday, this time throwing passes with his eye on an NFL career. One year ago, he didn't think he'd get the chance.

Five Thoughts - Cincinnati Bengals - Today's Pigskin
Thank you for joining us for our "Five Thoughts" series. Throughout April and into May, Today’s Pigskin will take a closer look at the 32 NFL teams and ponder the big questions and storylines surrounding each team. Today we are looking at the Cincinnati Bengals.

6 2015 NFL Draft Picks Who Could Be Opening-Day Starters for Cincinnati Bengals | Bleacher Report
The Cincinnati Bengals will be looking to make their fifth consecutive playoff appearance in 2015. If the team can nail down a strong draft class, the Bengals might be able to finally move past the first round of the postseason.

13 Bearcats Will Participate In Workout For Cincinnati Bengals
As has been a tradition in the last several years, the Cincinnati Bengals have invited several Bearcats to participate in a postseason workout today for draft eligible players. The Bengals will host 25 draft-eligible players as part of the team’s annual local players’ workout on Wednesday. The brief event will be heavy with a University of Cincinnati flavor.

2015 NFL mock draft: Paul Dawson to Cincinnati Bengals at No. 53 -
What's that, you say? A slow-timing linebacker with off-the-field concerns? Sounds like a future star for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Cincinnati Bengals: Make-or-break year for Andy Dalton
Although the Cincinnati Bengals have their quarterback in place in Andy Dalton, if the TCU product doesn’t surpass expectations in 2015, then the Bengals could be looking for his successor.

Can Cincinnati's Beer Redeem Its Crimes Against Chili?
Happy Tax Day to all those who observe. Thank you for helping keep the roads paved and the schools open. Your service is greatly appreciated, and as such I will try not to be judgmental about your personal choices today. But please tell me you're not reading this on your phone as you stand in line at the post office.