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NFL Draft 2015: Devin Smith Profile

Sometimes called the best deep threat in college football last season, Devin Smith is ready to take his big play ability to the NFL.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State University

HEIGHT: 6'0"


WEIGHT: 196 lbs.


There was no Buckeyes player who could strike as fast as Devin Smith the last couple of seasons. Smith averaged 28.2 yards a catch and almost 55% of his catches surpassed 25 yards. He forces a defense to match him with their fastest corner or needs safety help over the top. He also was one of the top gunners in college football.

Smith needs to improve his game when his speed and deep game is taken away. He also can be controlled by physical corners. To excel in the NFL, Smith needs to improve his game underneath and take what the defense gives.

He is a projected second round pick and will contribute in his rookie season. Smith is often praised for his game speed and how tough it is to catch him in the open field. He can be a threat from anywhere on the field, which is what will drive a team to select him. Is his big play ability and the threat that comes with that enough to spend a high pick on him? He really only ran a couple different routes in college and only caught 33 passes his senior year. (But 12 touchdowns!) Some of that can be pinned on Ohio State's turmoil at the QB position, but he will need to improve his overall game to make an impact on Sundays.

Check out Smith's highlights below to see how big of a big play guy he is: