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Greg Hardy suspension proves Cowboys' plan backfired

Many were calling for the Bengals to consider adding Greg Hardy to their roster. Now, the Bengals' decision to stay away from Hardy is looking better than ever.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys' plan to sign Greg Hardy has backfired. Badly.

Per multiple reports, Hardy was just handed a 10-game suspension without pay from the NFL, stemming from his guilty ruling on two misdemeanor charges in a confrontation with a former girlfriend on May 13th.

The Cowboys knew about the possibility of the impending suspension, but, judging by their signing, it's probably safe to assume that the probability of a suspension this serious was not expected by the team.

According to the ESPN:

Hardy beat Nicole Holder in his Charlotte apartment and then called 911 in an attempt to cover up what he had done. Holder testified that Hardy threw her in a bathtub, dragged her around his apartment by her hair, ripped off a necklace she was wearing and tossed her onto a futon that was covered with rifles, the Charlotte Observer reported."

The NFL has been under scrutiny for its revised personal conduct policy, especially after how the Ray Rice situation was handled. However, Commissioner Roger Goodell has explained that, "Hardy engaged in conduct detrimental to the league and that a suspension of this length would be appropriate under any version of the Personal Conduct Policy or its predecessors," according to a written statement released by the league.

According to reports, Hardy will appeal the suspension through the NFL Players Association, which he has three days to file.

It's important to note that $11 million of Hardy's $13.1 million one-year dear with the Cowboys is not guaranteed, coming in the form of bonuses and incentives.

Still, the Cowboys will be missing out on what they were likely hoping would be a formidable addition to their defensive line.