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Bengals using "revival" as offseason motivation

The Cincinnati Bengals aren't opposed to using slogans and words of inspiration for their offseason workouts. It's debatable if these things ever work but this year, the Bengals are looking for a "revival".

Mark Lyons/Getty Images

There's always a slogan.

If it's not "work hard, play hard" or "do your job" or "championships are won in April", then it's one-word slogans like "revival." In a story written by Coley Harvey with ESPN, the team is applying the one-word inspiration this offseason:

If a player somehow didn't look up and missed seeing the word rotate on the screens along with this year's golden logo for Super Bowl 50, then all he had to do was look down at his chest. Stamped on the front of this year's training shirts, "revival" appears as a not-so-subtle reminder of where coaches and front-office personnel want the focus of this year's team to be.

Revival for/from what? Cincinnati hasn't won a playoff game since Jan 6, 1991 ('90 season) -- players like Jeremy Hill, Giovani Bernard, Russell Bodine, Darqueze Dennard, James Wright, and Shawn Williams (among others), weren't even alive at the time. Is it a revival to reach the playoffs? Four straight years. Maybe. But the intended use of that word doesn't seem applicable here.

If you were to use any offseason slogan, what would it be?

Maybe "closing window"? The last hurrah (said with a Sean Connery accent)?