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Drafting Outside-the-Box: Part I - Phillip Dorsett

With three offensive lineman set to become free agents after the 2015 season, and a 2014 defense that struggled to stop the run, most experts have the Bengals taking an offensive or defensive lineman with the 21st pick. From an organization standpoint, it makes sense. But, picking lineman isn’t very exciting, so here is an outside-the-box idea at No. 21.

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I love the NFL Draft. I will read every mock draft I see and read any player profile I come across. In fact, I like to refer to the NFL Draft as Christmas for football fans. But, even a draft junky like myself can get tired of some of the draft overkill – player profiles, mock drafts, etc. So, in an effort to break up some of the draft talk monotony, I'm running a three part series where I take a look at some outside-the-box draft ideas for the Bengals.

Although these ideas (at least two of them) have little to no chance of coming to fruition, they will make you think and should create some fun discussions and debates for Bengals fans. Up first, we discuss the possibility of the Bengals' using the 21st pick on Miami wide receiver Phillip Dorsett. Though, Dorsett could get snatched up before the Bengals get to him, as Bleeding Green Nation is reporting that the Eagles may look to use the No. 20 pick, one pick before the Bengals', on Dorsett.

Using 21st Pick on Phillip Dorsett:


  • 2014, it was very apparent that the Bengals’ offense lacked game changing speed. Marvin Jones and Tyler Eifert don’t necessarily fix that.
  • Phillip Dorsett gives the Bengals that speed and big play ability.
  • Dorsett gives the Bengals the speed underneath that can cause huge issues for a defense – especially with A.J. Green outside.
  • Given Dalton’s limitations, he needs big receivers, which he has, and fast receivers who can get open quickly underneath a defense – that’s where Dorsett comes in.
  • Barring injury, an offensive lineman does not help the Bengals in 2015.
  • If the Bengals take a defensive tackle or defensive end, he may only play situationally.
  • The Bengals proverbial "window" is probably closing and no other player at pick 21 can make an immediate impact on this team…except Dorsett.
  • The Bengals must draft a wide receiver. Green, Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu are all free agents after the 2015 season and it’s highly unlikely the Bengals will re-sign all three.

Why Not:

  • The Bengals need a quality offensive lineman – Andrew Whitworth isn’t getting younger and there is no guarantee he, Andre Smith or Kevin Zeitler will be back in 2015. Missing out on a top offensive lineman at 21 could affect the team for years down the road.
  • The Bengals had a small, fast, quick and shifty receiver (Andrew Hawkins) and never properly used him.
  • Can Dalton take advantage of a small receiver? I don’t buy this, but it would be brought up.

Likelihood of occurring: If he is still there at No. 21, I say there is about at 25% chance the Bengals go with Dorsett.