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Roundtable: Player you don't want to see join AFC North

Todd Gurley and DeVante Parker are two elite prospects that could end up in the AFC North.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft almost here, we gathered our staff to discuss which prospect in this year's draft we'd prefer not see join an AFC North team.

The Bengals will more than likely face the top prospects in this draft at least once in their NFL careers, but these are the guys we really don't want to see twice a year for the foreseeable future.

Cody Tewmey

Todd Gurley and it's not even close. I'm sure the Big 10 fans will clamor for their guy Melvin Gordon, but Gurley is a special talent. I talked to a scout about Gurley and he admitted that teams now fear multiple hamstring injuries more then a torn ACL. Gurley would be a lock for the top 10 if he hadn't torn his ACL, the last thing we need is a team like Baltimore scooping him up at 26. He'll have a Jeremy Hill type of second half this year, once he is 100%.

Jason Marcum

My biggest fear is Cleveland grabbing some combination of DeVante Parker and Todd Gurley with their two first-round picks. I really think the dropoff from Kevin White and Amari Cooper to Parker isn't much, and he could end up being the best receiver of the three.

As for Gurley, he'd immediately be the best back in Cleveland, and behind that offensive line, he could make a run at the NFL Rookie of the Year award. Those two would dramatically upgrade the Browns offense and make them a darkhorse playoff contender.

Mike Townsend

Todd Gurley. I don't want to see him drop to the Steelers, but they may want to add another RB to assure Bell stays healthy. I especially don't want this guy to drop to the Ravens. Cleveland, who are the likeliest of the bunch to get him are always something of an enigma. They get some great talent and somehow manage to screw it up and even worse, ruin them further.

Scott Bantel

Bud Dupree, the DE from Kentucky. The guy is an athletic freak, and if Pittsburgh or Baltimore get their hands on a guy like him, I think he could become a great player in either system.

Brennen Warner

DeVante Parker to Cleveland would be problematic. Or Melvin Gordon in Baltimore.

Eric K.

Let's say two top prospects slide out of the top 10, then in the top 15 a couple of WR needing teams ignore the BPA to focus on filling those WR needs. All of a sudden the Bengals trade down from 21st. While Trae Waynes remains on the board until #22, as much as the Steelers need a linebacker in the 1st, they can't pass up on a CB this talented.

Anthony Cosenza

I would not like to see ASU WR Jaelen Strong to the Steelers, Todd Gurley to the Ravens, or a beastly defensive linemen to the Browns.