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La'el Collins not attending NFL Draft to speak to police about murder of ex-girlfriend

La'el Collins could be a first-round target for the Bengals. Now, he's talking to the police regarding the murder of his ex-girlfriend.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

LSU offensive tackle La'el Collins is viewed as one of the top offensive lineman in the 2015 NFL Draft.

However, teams are going to be very nervous about Collins with news of a murder investigation surrounding him just days before Day 1 of the draft. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Collins is being sought out by police regarding the murder of his ex-girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time of her death.

Police only want to question Collins at this time and have not named him a suspect, but simply having this hang over him could affect his draft stock. Collins was expected to be a first-round pick, and possibly go somewhere in the first 21 picks. Hopefully, if Collins didn't have anything to do with Brittany Mills' death, NFL teams may be able to see that and not let this news affect their view on Collins.

Here's the ESPN report:

Police are seeking to question La'el Collins following the shooting death of a pregnant woman last week, but the former LSU offensive lineman is not considered a suspect, Baton Rouge police Lt. Jonny Dunnam told ESPN.

Brittany Mills, 29, is believed by police to be a former girlfriend of Collins. Police said Collins is not believed to be a suspect in the shooting, only that they want to talk to him to see if he can provide them with information.

Collins' attorney, Jim Boren, told police his client is in Chicago getting ready for the NFL draft. But Boren told Schefter he has been in constant contact with the lead detective on the case and he spoke with the district attorney Tuesday, and that he is going to arrange for Collins to speak with police.

"We took the investigation seriously," Boren said from his offices Tuesday. "We've tried to rule him out as a suspect. We're going to provide that information to the police, and ultimately [Collins] will sit down and talk to them. But the timing is poor."


It looks like La'el Collins won't be attending the NFL Draft in order to speak to police about this:

Hopefully, Collins had nothing to do with this and that's what comes out of his meetings with police.