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NFL Draft Profile: Amarlo Herrera

The Georgia Bulldogs defense has been led by Amarlo Herrera for much of the past three seasons. Now, he'll likely find a role in the NFL as a situational run-stuffer.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Amarlo Herrera, Linebacker, Georgia

HEIGHT: 6'1"

ARM LENGTH: 32 3/4"

WEIGHT: 244 lbs.

HANDS: 9 5/8"

40-YARD DASH: 4.78 SEC



BROAD JUMP: 111.0"



While Georgia inside linebacker Amarlo Herrera probably won't hear his name called until Day 3 of the draft, he's still someone who should make an NFL roster as a rookie.

The 6-2, 245-pounder led Georgia in tackles as a senior with 115 tackles after posting 112 stops in 2013. He also had 15 tackles for loss and two picks over those two years. He's been a full-time starter at ILB since 2012, and brings as much experience to his position as you'll find in most prospects.

However, Herrera isn't the greatest athlete, struggling to move sideline to sideline with great speed. He makes his money diagnosing plays and meeting ballcarriers near the line of scrimmage. When out in space, Herrera too often whiffs on tackles and doesn't have enough speed to keep up with most backs or tight ends once they get in space.

Herrera isn't a guy you want as a full-time starter in the NFL, but rather as a situational run defender who needs to be put into the right system for him to succeed in the NFL. He might be best suited as a 3-4 ILB.

Here's a portion of Herrera's ESPN scouting report:

Instincts/Recognition 2 Flashes ability to beat blockers to point because of quick diagnosis against run. Occasionally overreacts to first read and gets into trouble when loses sightline to ball but above average gap discipline and good job of defending misdirection for most part. Gets tunnel vision and does better job of tracking ball than reading blocking scheme. Eyes take him into blockers at times as a result. Above average recognition against play action. Keeps head on swivel and adequate overall awareness in coverage.
Take-on Skills 3 Shows the ability to extend arms and keep bigger blockers at bay scraping down the line. Flashes the ability to jar blockers with a strong punch and shed quickly in phone booth but inconsistent in this area and often makes it too easy for blockers to get into his frame. Takes too long to counter once reached. Stout when sinks and enters contact with proper leverage but gives ground at times.
Range vs. Run 3 Makes more plays outside tackle than timed speed would suggest thanks to effort and angles. Overall range is still average for an inside linebacker. Has to make a quick and sound read to beat quicker backs to the corner. Below average closing burst and doesn't show the ability to chase down backs on a straight line. Lacks the change of direction ability to recover when overruns a play.
Tackling 3 Flashes good pop and the ability to limit production after contact when squares. Inconsistent fundamentals. Wraps and drives through contact at times. Wraps high, stops moving feet and tries to drag ball carriers to the ground at other times. Adequate body control but not as effective in space. Gets frozen by subtle hesitation moves and whiffs trying to make diving tackle.
3rd Down Capabilities 4 Good angles and depth in drops. Adequate range in zone but doesn't cover enough ground to hold up in a Tampa-2 heavy scheme. Physical, clever and strong enough to match up with tight ends underneath. However, doesn't have the speed to turn and run with a lot of them. Lacks foot speed to stay with quick backs in man. Tends to grab when starts to loses assignment. Doesn't counter well when doesn't exploit a seam in pass pro and below average closing speed rushing the passer.


Here are some highlights of Herrera, in which he is #52: