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Bengals WR Brandon Tate's contract details

Brandon Tate's roster spot is anything but safe heading into the NFL Draft and offseason workouts.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals re-signed wide receiver Brandon Tate to another one-year deal this week.

Though this will be his fifth season in Cincinnati if he's on the opening day roster, it's the third straight one-year deal he's signed. The Bengals have never assured him of a spot on the team, and that appears to be the case again this year based on the details of his contract.

Tate is set to make just $825,000 this year with a $745,000 base salary. He got a $50,000 signing bonus, which is half of the $100,000 bonus he got on last year's one-year deal. Tate can earn another $30,000 in workout bonuses, a little less than last year's $50,000 he got for workouts.

If he's on the opening day roster, Tate will have a minimum of a $665,000 cap hit this season, but none of that is guaranteed right now. That means if the Bengals cut him between now and the final roster cuts in August, they won't be on the hook for anything more than the signing bonus and possible workout bonuses.

In other words, his roster spot is anything but guaranteed, and if Cincinnati finds a better returner in the draft or later in free agency, Tate may soon get a pink slip shortly thereafter.