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Trades that impacted the Cincinnati Bengals draft

We take a look at some of the major trades that happened, which impacted the Cincinnati Bengals draft. From moving up, moving down and moving sideways, we examine most of those (and often beneficial) transactions.

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NOTE: This isn't specifically draft-day trades; rather trades that impacted those respective drafts. Not included is compensation received via restricted free agent acquisitions or compensatory picks.


Second-round (No. 37 selection): RB Giovani Bernard

The Cincinnati Bengals packaged Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders midway through the 2011 regular season for their first-round pick in in the 2012 NFL draft and a second-rounder in '13. Cincinnati used their second-round pick (2013) on running back Giovani Bernard. Nailed it.

Sixth-round (No. 197 selection): WR Cobi Hamilton

Cincinnati received a five ('12) and six ('13) for trading wide receiver Chad Johnson to the New England Patriots. Cincinnati used their sixth-round selection (No. 197 overall) on wide receiver Cobi Hamilton.


First-round (No. 17 selection): CB Dre Kirkpatrick

Recap: The Bengals packaged Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders midway through the 2011 regular season for their first-round pick in '12 and second-round pick in '13. Cincinnati used their first-round pick (2012) on cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick. A work in process.

First-round (No. 27 selection): OG Kevin Zeitler

Cincinnati, originally with the No. 21 pick based on their standings from the 2011 season, swapped first-round picks with the New England Patriots. Cincinnati gave New England their No. 21 pick and received the Patriots No. 27, along with one of their third-round selections (No. 93 overall).

Third-round (No. 93 selection): DT Brandon Thompson

As part of the trade package with the New England Patriots during the 2012 NFL draft, the Bengals also received the No. 93 selection that led to defensive tackle Brandon Thompson. A quality backup.

Fifth-round (No. 166 selection): WR Marvin Jones

Cincinnati received a five ('12) and six ('13) for trading wide receiver Chad Johnson to the New England Patriots, selecting wide receiver Marvin Jones with the No. 167 pick overall.

Fifth-round (No. 167 selection): S George Iloka

When the Cincinnati Bengals shipped linebacker Keith Rivers to the New York Giants, they received New York's fifth-round selection (No. 167 overall). They used the pick to draft safety George Iloka. A starter.


First-round (No. 26 selection): RB Chris Perry (and CB Deltha O'Neal)

Yes. The biggest gaffe to date. And a bit convoluted, so follow along. Cincinnati originally had the No. 17 selection in the 2004 NFL draft. They acquired cornerback Deltha O'Neal from the Denver Broncos. As a result of this trade, both teams exchanged first-round selections (Bengals received the Broncos No. 24, Broncos received the Bengals No. 17) and Denver gave Cincinnati a fourth-round pick (No. 117 overall).

Later during the draft, Cincinnati and St. Louis exchanged first-round selections (Bengals receive the Rams No. 26, the Rams receive the Bengals No. 24). The Rams also sent Cincinnati their fourth-round pick (No. 123).

As a result, the Rams drafted Steven Jackson and the Bengals selected Chris Perry. The gaffe wasn't so much about making the trade -- Cincinnati got three starters (O'Neal, Robert Geathers and Stacy Andrews) and a Pro Bowler (O'Neal) out of it. In a way, the Bengals actually benefited from those series of trades. However, it's that the Bengals failed to identify that Jackson was the better running back and/or that the Rams were also looking at running back in the first round.

Second-round (No. 56 selection): S Madieu Williams

The Miami Dolphins originally had the No. 56 pick, but traded it to the New England Patriots during the 2003 NFL draft. Prior to the draft in 2004, the Bengals sent running back Corey Dillon to New England for the No. 56 pick and selected safety Madieu Williams. After starting 45 games (four seasons) in Cincinnati, recording nine interceptions, four quarterback sacks, three fumble recoveries and 229 tackles, Williams left for a massive contract in Minnesota.

Fourth-round (No. 117 selection): DE Robert Geathers

Part of the first trade between the Bengals and Broncos that exchanged first-round picks and sent cornerback Deltha O'Neal to Cincinnati. Packaged in that trade was Denver's fourth-round selection, which Cincinnati used to select defensive end Robert Geathers. Geathers went on to start 104 games with Cincinnati and was one of their long-time locker room leaders.

Fourth-round (No. 123 selection): OT Stacy Andrews

The second part of the first-round trades between the Bengals and Rams. Cincinnati also received St. Louis' fourth-round selection (No. 123 overall) and selected offensive tackle Stacy Andrews. Andrews started 29 of 32 games in his final two seasons ('07 and '08) with the Bengals.


Fourth-round (No. 118 selection): FB Jeremi Johnson

Cincinnati packaged running back Curtis Keaton to the New Orleans Saints on August 31, 2002 in exchange for their fourth-round selection in the 2003 NFL draft. Cincinnati used that pick to acquire fullback Jeremi Johnson. Keaton would only suit up during the 2002 season and never played another down afterward while Johnson became an integral part in Rudi Johnson setting the franchise record for most yards rushing in a single season ('04 and '05).

Other notable draft trades:


First-round (No. 1 selection): RB Ki-Jana Carter

Cincinnati traded their No. 5 selection (first-round) and No. 36 (second round) to the Carolina Panthers for the first overall pick in the 1995 NFL draft. They selected Ki-Jana Carter. You know the rest of that history.


Third-round (No. 60 selection): LB Steve Tovar

The Bengals eventually capitulated to Boomer Esiason's trade demand, sending him to the New York Jets in exchange for their third-round pick (No. 60 selection). Cincinnati used it to select Steve Tovar.


First-round (No. 6 selection): QB David Klinger

Cincinnati originally had the No. 4 selection in the 1992 NFL draft. The Washington Redskins, who desperately wanted Desmond Howard, packaged a sweet trade. Washington (No. 6) and Cincinnati (No. 4) exchanged first-round picks. Washington also gave Cincinnati another first-round pick (No. 28) and both teams swapped third-round selections (Bengals received the Redskins No. 84, the Redskins received the Bengals No. 58).

Cincinnati would go on to use their No. 6 pick on quarterback David Klinger.

First-round (No. 28 selection): S Darryl Williams

As part of the trade mentioned above, the Bengals used their No. 28 pick (acquired from the Redskins) on safety Darryl Williams -- an eventual Pro Bowler... for the Seattle Seahawks.

Third-round (No. 84 selection): S Leonard Wheeler

And the final part of the trade was the acquisition of the No. 84 pick (via swapping third round selections with the Redskins). Cincinnati used that on safety Leonard Wheeler.

  • The Bengals exchanged third round selections in the 2002 NFL draft with the Carolina Panthers (Bengals receive No. 67 pick from the Panthers, Panthers receive the Bengals No. 73 pick from the Bengals) with Cincinnati adding a fifth-rounder (No. 145) to Carolina, allowing them to move up in the third round and select tight end Matt Schobel.
  • Cincinnati sent their fifth-round pick in the 1998 NFL draft in exchange for quarterback Paul Justin.
  • San Francisco swapped second-round picks with the Bengals in the 1991 NFL draft with the 49ers giving Cincinnati a fourth-round selection. The Bengals received Rob Carpenter and Lamar Rogers while the 49ers drafted running back Rickey Waters.