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CJ Draft Drinking Game

If you want to spice up your draft watching, and aren't attending our live draft show on Thursday night, we have developed a fun drinking game centered around draft terminology and analyst tendencies. This game can actually be continued on throughout the entire draft, so get ready for a great weekend!

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PLEASE NOTE: This game was developed around watching the broadcast on ESPN in year's past and the amount of requirements that call for drinks can be quite extensive, so feel free to abide by whichever rules you would like (easiest if copied and pasted onto a Word document and printed). And as always, we here at CJ always encourage our readers to drink responsibly and may not be held liable for any bad decisions you make after playing this game. Enjoy!

1 Drink

Anytime the following are said:

  • Boom or Bust
  • Can't Miss Prospect
  • Downhill Runner
  • Every Down Player
  • Good Ball Skills
  • Good Between the Tackles
  • Good Hands
  • Good Intangibles
  • Good Leverage
  • Good Locker Room Guy
  • High Character Guy
  • Mearsurables
  • North-South Runner
  • Possession ReceiverRead Option Type Quarterback
  • Shutdown Corner
  • Sleeper
  • Stretch the Defense
  • Tremendous Upside
  • Value Pick
  • Versatility

Every time the following is done:

  • Berman gives a player a nickname

2 Drinks

Anytime the following are said:

  • Fluid Hips
  • Good at the Point of Contact
  • Good Base
  • Good/Low Pad Level
  • Good in Space
  • Grinder
  • Lacks Speed for the Next Level/Elite Level Speed
  • Plug and Play
  • Quicker Than he is Fast
  • Stiff Hips
  • Trust Your Board
  • Tweener
  • Workout Warrior

Every time the following is done:

  • When Berman says "aaaaagh"
  • When Berman holds his hand in front of himself in the shape of an ‘L' (like the ‘loser' symbol you put on your head as a kid)
  • When Berman clearly needs to take a breath...and doesn't
  • When McShay gives an "I'm better than you laugh"
  • When Kiper stares at McShay with a look of death
  • If Gruden ever says he doesn't like a player

3 Drinks

Anytime the following are said:

  • Heavy Hands
  • High Motor Wes Welker Type
  • Waist Bender
  • Take the Top Off the Defense
  • Runs Behind His Pads

Every time the following is done:

  • When Gruden looks at another analyst like he wants to kill them (if he does kill them, shotgun a beer)
  • When McShay and Kiper argue

10 Drinks

  • If the Jets' fans boo their pick

Finish Beer

  • If the Vikings miss a pick
  • When Berman cannot think of something to say
  • If Kipers' hair gets messed up
  • If the Commissioner messes up a name

Shotgun/Funnel a Beer

  • If a team not named the Vikings misses a pick
  • If Mel Kiper is rendered speechless by a pick or does not know a player
  • If the Commissioner drops a jersey

Finish a Fifth of your Favorite Spirits*

  • If a player nut taps or cup checks Goddell

*Please be aware that the Surgeon General (and the crew at CJ) believe finishing a Fifth of any liquor could be harmful to your health (and liver) and we do not encourage doing so. With that being said, good luck!