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Leah Still starting stem cell transplant; going on surprise Disney trip

If there were an award for best dad ever, Devon Still would definitely be a finalist.

After finding out that Leah Still was in remission about one month ago, the next step in her battle to officially beat cancer is a stem cell transplant. Next Tuesday, one day before Leah turns 5-years-old, she will have the procedure performed. Her response to finding out is the most inspirational thing you'll read all day. And, what her dad, Bengals defensive tackle, Devon Still, is doing to make it up to her is even better.

Before spending her birthday in the hospital, while dealing with what Still called, "one of the hardest treatments in dealing with cancer," Still is taking his daughter to her favorite place in the world, Disney World!

A couple of days ago I found out Leah would be starting her stem cell transplant (one of the hardest treatments in dealing with cancer that last 4-6 weeks) next Tuesday, one day before her birthday. I was hurt by the news because after all she's been through I didn't want that to be the way she celebrated her bday. When I told her she would be in hospital for her bday she looked to the ground with a sad face and seconds later she popped her head up with a smile on her face and said, " that's ok! can we just have cake and balloons in my room?" Seeing how she handles bad news really amazes me and continues to really put life into a different perspective. Although her only wish was for cake and balloons I couldn't let my baby celebrate her bday like that. So I had to book a surprise daddy daughter weekend getaway to her favorite place, Disney World. She thinks we are going to Cincinnati so when she figures out where we are really going I'm sure it will make her care a little less about her spending her bday in the hospital. #JustTheTwoOfUs #CantBelieveSheIsAboutToBe5 #SheIsTrulyMyInspirationMyStrengthMyEverything ✌ ✈️

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We hope Leah has a great time, and that it somewhat makes up for spending her birthday in the hospital.