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QUICK SNAP: Reflecting on Denarius Moore possibility

The Cincinnati Bengals hosted wide receiver Denarius Moore on Thursday. We're just wondering what's so special about him? He drops passes, reportedly has work ethic issues and falls down flights of stairs.

John Grieshop/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals played host to wide receiver Denarius Moore earlier this week -- initially reported by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan. Moore, a former fifth-round pick from the 2011 NFL draft, spent four seasons in Oakland while accumulating 142 receptions, 2,169 yards receiving and scoring 17 total touchdowns. During his first three seasons, he averaged 43 grabs for 685 yards receiving.

The New York Jets are the only team with known interest in Moore, but that doesn't seem to have amounted to much. Even the Oakland Raiders are done with Moore, who we assume sent Moore this video when the fifth-year wide receiver entered free agency.


Moore's one connection in Cincinnati is Hue Jackson, who was his head coach in 2011 when Moore was a rookie with Oakland. "He did good for us as a rookie. He could run," Jackson said via "If we end up getting him we’ll be looking to see if he can still go like that. You can never have too many good players." Running, for NFL players, is a good attribute. Running fast for wide receivers is the Jackson buzzword of the offseason. Oh, and lemme guess... "he knows the system."

According to reports, Moore injured his ankle and knee after falling down a flight of stairs prior to the team's Week 14 game against the San Francisco 49ers -- which essentially killed an already horrible season (he was a healthy scratch the week prior to that). He struggled earlier in 2014 with drops, especially one against New England that was intercepted by defensive tackle Vince Wilfork -- Moore was a scratch in Week 4.

One report suggested the Moore would be the team's No. 4 wide receiver -- which is... well, "duh". A.J. Green, Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones are your top-three receivers. After that, it's gross. So Greg Little... I mean, Denarius Moore could have a shot, largely because the position is starving for talent. On the other hand, a few decent games in a four-year career isn't much to get excited about.