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Roundtable: What position will Bengals address in first round?

In out latest roundtable, we debate which position the Bengals will address with their first-round pick.

Larry French/Getty Images

What position do you believe the Bengals will address in first round of the 2015 NFL Draft?


Mickey Mentzer

I like safety. Many mocks have Landon Collins falling to the Bengals. If this happened I would be ecstatic to add him to the back half of the Bengals' defense. So without going into too much prognosticating, this is my hope for the first round.

Scott Bantel

I still would go DT. I like the signing of Sims, but he is not a long term solution. Peko’s teeth are getting as long as his hair. Atkins has yet to return to his Pro Bowl form. Still can’t be counted on at this point, and Thompson is up and down and injury prone. Lastly, rare is the case where you can get a dominating DT late in the first round, but in this draft, you can. Landing a guy like Malcolm Brown or Eddie Goldman would make this a tough team to run against. While I could get behind the selection of an OT, I think a talented OT can be found when the Bengals pick in round two and I can’t say the same about DT.

Anthony Cosenza

I have no earthly idea. If they want to plan ahead, safety and offensive tackle could be considered. Given that the team's top three wide receivers are set to hit free agency in 2016 (Green, Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones), that position could come into play early, too. I still contend that a ''tweener" linebacker/defensive end type could be a Godsend for a defense that finished last in sacks in 2014.

Mike Townsend

Honestly I'm not up on many of this year's draft picks like so many CJers are, but if a great OT or DT falls to us it's likely to be them. We have options here but lets say the crazy impossible happens, you know like when Teddy Bridgewater fell to us last year, and there's Brandon Sherff.  I don't care who else is on the board, grab him.  But realistically TJ Clemmings would make me happy in the first round also.  It's a deep group though, so my gut says DT is who we actually pick first UNLESS there's a run on them early in this draft. If that happens, it means either an OT falls to us, or we switch gears and completely go BPA.  I would not be surprised to see us grab a WR or Safety. In short, we are not really desperate at any position so I expect a top 3 position player who can play this year.

Brennen Warner

They should draft an offensive tackle. La'el Collins out of LSU is priority number one, but he might not fall. I think they could also take T.J. Clemmings because he can sit for a year and improve technique. D.J. Humphries and Ereck Flowers would be decent picks too. I don't like Andrus Peat; he's so soft. I think it's less likely that they take a defensive lineman after the Michael Johnson and Pat Sims signings, but Malcolm Brown, the defensive tackle out of Texas, would also be a good pick. But, then Pat Sims probably wouldn't make the 53-man roster.

Alberto Luque

BPA should be the thinking going to the draft when you have a team already built like Cincy. I've heard some of the guys talk about Collins (the OT) and if he drops to the late first round I would not complain, though few think that is happening, right?