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Should Bengals Look at Marcedes Lewis in a Possible Trade?

The Bengals have the desire to strengthen the tight end position. With former first round pick, Marcedes Lewis, on the trade block in Jacksonville, should the Bengals take a look?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Eifert seems to be the logical future tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals. Yet, he was lost early last season to an arm injury. Veteran Jermaine Gresham stepped in and continued to be a lightening rod for fans that either loved him or hated him. Gresham is now a free agent and the Bengals could stand to bolster the position this offseason. Would it make sense to look at a former first round pick?

Marcedes Lewis has been with the Jacksonville Jaguars since they selected him with their top pick in the 2006 NFL draft. The 2010 season was his best to date; he posted 700 yards and 10 touchdowns. Some could argue that he never fulfilled his potential as a dominant tight end (sound familiar?), while others could point out he has been a part of some pretty bad Jacksonville teams during his NFL career.

Reports have been leaking that even though he is due a $6.65 million salary, the team may pick up some of that cash to make a move. Other reports say they Jacksonville is looking for a late pick to make the deal.

Adding a little more intrigue to the thought, the Ravens could be an interested party and they have compensatory picks that could make the trade a little more possible.

Leiws is a first round talent and relatively cheap at 31-years-old. If he were a corner the Bengals would have already pulled the trigger. Should they make the same kind of gamble at tight end?