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Quick Snap: What is the Bengals cap number?

We think the Bengals cap number is approximately $20 million -- a little less or a little more. If you're looking for exact numbers, then pick a service and run with it.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Watching the Cincinnati Reds regular season opener on Monday, a question popped into my (otherwise vacant) mind: What's the Bengals' cap number. Pondering that, I realized that the thought wasn't the byproduct of doing questionable things with questionable (though legal) substances, I put forth a 15-minute effort to determine an answer.

If we take the league's 2015 cap number of $143,280,000 and add the $8,697,310 that the Bengals carried over from 2014, the Cincinnati Bengals cap number this year is $151,977,310. We should go ahead and subtract $782,913 of dead money (Mike Pollak, Devon Still, Orson Charles, Lavelle Westbrooks, Colin Lockett, James Wilder Jr., Larry Black, Jeff Scott), giving Cincinnati $151,194,397. NOTE: has the Bengals cap number at $151,568,835 which sets into motion a lot of discrepancies from various sites.

Now it just depends on whom you believe.

According to the NFLPA, which releases an updated public report every day (or at least claims to) the Cincinnati Bengals cap number is $132,406,093 -- the report also points out that 67 contracts are factored (we only need to worry about the top-51 which this presumably does) -- giving Cincinnati $19,724,342 million in cap room. This number, plus/minus $1,000, is confirmed at

Spotrac estimates the Bengals top-51 cap space at $20.809 million. Does that factor into the NFLPA and estimates as well?

Yet if you go to the Bengals team page at OverTheCap, the top-51 number is $20.1 million. There could be a significant discrepancy regarding timing, based on when contracts are updated -- Cincinnati signed Brandon Tate, Denarius Moore and Josh Johnson over the last week. It also needs to be mentioned that the Bengals have a draft pool cap estimated at $5.84 million.

Alas, who knows? Anyone want to create and maintain a spreadsheet?