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Bengals make improvements to facilities

The Bengals operations team has been busy making improvements to the team's facilities the past few weeks

From the scoreboard renovations ongoing this week, to the Bengals' new weight room, and the new indoor training area, the operations team at Paul Brown Stadium seems to be having a busy offseason.

In late February we got this peek at the $2 million renovations, and since, we've continued to get small glimpses into the team's renovated facilities.

New speakers and a basketball hoop have been installed in addition to synthetic turf going down for the indoor training area and heavy duty rubber mats being placed in the weight room.

Geoff Hobson reported back in January that Marvin Lewis sees these improvements as a way to set a fresh tone for the team heading into the 2015 season.

"He thinks the locker room’s massive facelift with an expanded weight room and cafeteria that basically turns it into a new facility and will be waiting for the players when they return in April is also a good way to set a fresh tone."

The latest glimpse at the facility provided by the team shows new weights with the team's logo, let's just say the old weights were not as cool.

The new cafeteria that Lewis spoke of in January is also looking pretty good, they even have three different beers on tap.

If a few beer options is what it takes to get the Bengals to win a playoff game, why didn't they think of this sooner!