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Tight end Rob Housler making AFC North rounds, visiting Browns

The former Cardinals tight end appears to be a coveted player in the toughest division in football, as he is visiting the Browns after stop-ins with the Ravens and Bengals.

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

NFL free agency is an animal all of its own. After bidding wars ensued through the first few days on the big fish out in the open market, others randomly occur for players who hadn't had a sniff of interest in the first few weeks. Such is the case with former Arizona Cardinals tight end, Rob Housler.

After visiting with and receiving a contract offer from the Baltimore Ravens, Housler then visited the Cincinnati Bengals. Housler left the Queen City without a contract, though the Bengals are still reportedly in talks with him since he departed.

In the meantime, Housler is testing the waters further by reportedly visiting the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday, per multiple sources. Cleveland had an interesting lose-out with Jordan Cameron, who bolted for the Miami Dolphins a couple of weeks ago. Gary Barnidge and Jim Dray are the tight ends currently on their roster.

It's possible that the visit with the Browns might be a ploy to get an offer to take back to Baltimore and/or Cincinnait to see if they'll pony up the dough. Then again, Cleveland might be Housler's most inviting option, in terms of possible playing time and a more aggressive offer.

Housler is entering his fifth season and has amassed 105 receptions for 1,133 and one touchdown. It has been said that the Cardinals' system favors the wideouts more than the other systems that Housler has been looking at in the AFC North. More information can be found on his background, courtesy of a post by Cincy Jungle's Josh Kirkendall.