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REPORT: Bengals refused trade with the Cardinals

Based on the other first round trades, the Cincinnati Bengals could have acquired extra picks and moved back three spots, swapping places in the first round with the Cardinals. Would Cedric Ogbuehi still have been available?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals really wanted Kentucky defensive end Bud Dupree. Knowing that the Pittsburgh Steelers had targeted Dupree, the Cardinals wanted to work a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals, according to Mike Jurecki with Fox Sports (910 in Arizona.


San Diego swapped first round picks with San Francisco and sent their 2015 fourth-round pick and 2016 fifth-round pick to the 49ers so that they could move up two spots and select Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon. Denver swapped their first round pick with Detroit, while sending their 2015 and 2016 fifth-round pick to the Lions to draft Shane Ray.

Somewhere in that neighborhood would have been the cost for the Cardinals to swap first round picks with the Bengals.

Was moving three spots to No. 24, while acquiring a 2015 fourth or fifth round pick and a fifth or sixth round pick in 2016, too much for Cincinnati to risk? Based on Cedric Ogbuehi's recovery from an ACL injury, teams were concerned enough to look past him while picking offensive tackles that were rated below Ogbuehi prior to his injury.

Could Cincinnati still have acquired Ogbuehi while accepting the trade from Arizona? We'll never know.