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Bengals never considered Randy Gregory

The Cincinnati Bengals never considered Nebraska's Randy Gregory, who dropped from being a top-10 projection to a late second round selection.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals unexpectedly selected their second offensive tackle during the NFL draft, teaming up Cedric Ogbuehi (No. 21) with Jake Fisher (selected at No. 53) and setting the stage for a rebuilding project that replaces power with agility and athleticism.

One player that remained on the board was outside linebacker Randy Gregory, who plays a position that could be argued as a need. According to Geoff Hobson with, Gregory was never a consideration.

Gregory slipped out of the first round due to concerns with marijuana usage, questionable mental ability in being able to handle the NFL and reportedly several missed meetings, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

"He missed some meetings with some teams, at least three of those meetings with teams," Schefter said. "Now he did have a long and extensive travel schedule. It wore him out. So he deserves some compassion, and he deserves some chances here. But he wasn’t responsible, teams noticed. It alienated some of the teams."