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Roundtable: Most Questionable Bengals draft pick

Two offensive tackles in the first two picks? Two tight ends within three rounds of each other?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

After taking a look at who the Cincy Jungle staff liked the most from the 2015 Bengals draft class, now it's time for a look at who our staff is less in favor of.

We're not in any way saying these players are bad, nor that they won't have good NFL careers. It's more a question of how they fit with the Bengals, if they fill a position of need, and if there were better players on the board who addressed bigger weaknesses.

Cody Tewmey

Marcus Hardison. This really is not a knock on Marcus, it's more that there was a player that who I would have preferred. Marcus is going to have to switch from DE to DT and he struggled with that a bit at the Senior bowl. We have been complaining the last few years about "pass rushing projects" and "guys that have to switch roles," things this team struggles to excel at.

Grady Jarrett was selected two picks later and was a huge value here. He also is a 3-tech DT like Geno and plays very similar to him. He was the perfect backup to learn behind Geno and play next to him when they are pinning their ears back and hunting quarterbacks.

Brennen Warner

Tight end C.J. Uzomah. There were some decent players at safety, wide receiver, defensive tackle on the board at this point, and they go with a complete project in Uzomah. Heck, Kevin Brock will probably beat this guy out for the last tight end spot.

Micky Mentzer

It has to be the combination of two tackles in your first two picks. However, both guys could have commanded first round grades. So the Bengals addressed a need in the very near future with two guys who could potentially start on many teams as rookies. The Bengals went for depth on the offensive line. For a team with a questionable QB and a focus on the running game, this may look very smart in the future.

Jason Marcum

C.J Uzomah. No offense to Uzi, but there were bigger needs and better players to fill those needs on the board. Guys like Ohio State DT Michael Bennett, Miami DE Anthony Chickillo and Virginia DE/LB Max Valles were all still there and offering more value, not to mention a better shot at actually making the 53-man roster. You're telling me a third fourth TE is more important than another quality pass-rusher?

Mike Townsend

Josh Shaw. This has nothing to do with his fabricated story and everything to do with spraining both of his ankles during the making of said story. How do we know that BOTH ankles are ok?  What's the chances they increase the likelihood of future issues with him? Time will tell but there could be all sorts of issues that keep him from playing entire seasons. However, If he fully recovers and this is a non-issue, then we could have a great young d-back.

Scott Bantel

I actually liked their entire draft, but if I had to pick one, I would say C.J. Uzomah. Uzomah is a project tight end and the Bengals have not had much success with "project" players in the past...particularly project tight ends.