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Contract breakdowns of 11 college free agents from Friday

Reviewing the contract details of the 11 college free agents who signed with the Bengals on Friday. These are standard contracts with some signing bonuses. This doesn't include those who signed on Sunday.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals announced 11 college free agent signings on Friday. The paperwork is filed and details of those contacts are now available.

These contracts are pretty standard. Everyone signed a three-year deal (which is one of the disadvantages of being a college free agent, as opposed to a draft player with four-year deals) worth $1.575 million. The base salary is consistent for all players:

2015 $435,000
2016 $525,000
2017 $615,000

Where a significant difference occurs for college free agents -- one of the recruiting tools that teams have for undrafted free agents -- is the signing bonus. Cincinnati (per Spotrac) signed four players with signing bonuses for a total of $19,000 -- teams have a maximum pool of $86,957.

Here's a breakdown of the 11 college free agents that Cincinnati signed after the NFL draft (confirmed on Friday). This doesn't include the signings from Sunday (which will come out once everything is filed):

Terrell Watson RB $1.581 M $6,000
Floyd Raven S $1,580,500 $5,500
DeShawn Williams DT $1.58 M $5,000
Trevor Roach LB $1,577,500 $2,500
Mark Weisman RB $1.575 M --
Jake Smith OL $1.575 M --
Tom Obarski PK $1.575 M --
Jake Kumerov WR $1.575 M --
Chris Jasperse OL $1.575 M --
Tony Hill CB $1.575 M --
Matt Lengel TE $1.575 M --

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