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The NFL website released a draft ranking that applied the top-100 hottest prospects of the 2015 NFL draft. The Bengals were extremely physical with foundation pieces... but it wasn't hot (I guess).

Michael Kovac/Getty Images released a set of draft rankings on Wednesday, taking a simplistic (almost arbitrary) approach that applied Gil Brandt's top-100 prospects in the NFL. Cincinnati didn't do great -- only because they selected three players in the top-100. The Bengals actually ranked 21st on the list - which was their order in the 2015 draft.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: 136 points (3 players)

Overview: The Bengals drafted three Hot 100 players, including one they grabbed in the fourth round. Going by the Hot 100 rankings, they overdrafted Cedric Ogbuehi (drafted 21st, ranked 40th) in the first round, got a bargain with second-rounder Jake Fisher (drafted 53rd, ranked 33) and got another bargain with fourth-rounder Josh Shaw (drafted 120th, ranked 93rd). But neither of their third-round picks (Nos. 85 and 99) were Hot 100 guys.
The players (points)
No. 33 OT Jake Fisher, Oregon (68)
No. 41 OT Cedric Ogbuehi, Texas A&M (60) 
No. 93 DB Josh Shaw, USC (8)

Nothing for tight end Tyler Kroft, or defensive tackle Marcus Hardison, safety Derron Smith nor C.J. Uzomah isn't surprising. Kroft wasn't viewed as a top-two tight end and this year's class of tight ends wasn't viewed with the highest of praises in general. Smith was coming off an injury and Uzomah was somewhat of a surprise in the fifth round.

Meaningless? Thoughts?