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POLL: Changing the NFL PAT

You can likely expect the PAT to change during the NFL owners meetings this week and for the change to go into effect for the 2015 season.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

With the May NFL owners meetings beginning, several possible rule changes will be discussed this week.

The owners are expected to pass a major change in how the point after a touchdown occurs. In March, owners ordered the NFL competition committee to come up with a proposal to change what's become the sport's most uneventful play. The extra point was converted at a 99 percent rate last year.

Adding some more excitement to the extra point is something the owners want to complete this week. The league is recommending having two-point conversions from the 2-yard line and point-after kicks from the 15. If that comes to pass, it would result in PATs being attempted from about 33 yards out.

There are also two team proposals for PATs, including one option to eliminate the PAT altogether and simply give teams the option to either take the one point automatically or attempt a 2-point conversion.

There's also a proposal to allow the defense to score. If the offense went for two, the defense would be able to return a fumble or interception for two points. A blocked PAT would also be returnable for a two-point score.

Personally, I like this proposal the most, as it would lead to more teams taking the one point and skipping the PAT attempt altogether. That would save us the time it takes to attempt a PAT and move to the ensuing offensive possession more quickly.

What do you think?