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Contract Breakdown: Bengals Defensive Back Josh Shaw

We break down the contract that rookie defensive back Josh Shaw signed this week with the Bengals. Shaw was a day three pick, selected at the end of the fourth round of the NFL draft.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals are closing in on having all of their draft picks in the fold, as it was announced that many day two and three picks have recently signed their rookie deals. Former USC defensive back Josh Shaw is a polarizing player for a couple of reasons, but the Bengals apparently have big plans for him in the years ahead.

Here is the breakdown of Shaw's rookie deal:

TOTAL: $2,773,724
GUARANTEED: $493,724

As you can see, Shaw's signing bonus of $493,724 is about double what fifth-round pick C.J. Uzomah received on his recent deal, which included a signing bonus of $212,762. Shaw's total base salary is 2.28 million, which is actually identical to the picks the team made in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds.

Here is the full breakdown of Shaw's contract:

Year Base Salary Signing Bonus Cap Hit Dead Cap
2015 $435,000 $123,431 $558,431 $493,724
2016 $525,000 $123,431 $648,431 $370,293
2017 $615,000 $123,431 $738,431 $246,862
2018 $705,000 $123,431 $828,431 $123,431