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2015 NFL Draft: Bengals Select Mario Alford, WR, WV

With their final pick in the draft,number, No. 238 overall, the Bengals add Mario Alford the speedy wide receiver out of West Virginia. There is a need on this team for a speedy wide receiver and now they have their guy.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hue Jackson mentioned that he loved Mario Alford at the combine. He added that the Bengals lacked the speed on the outside at times to make the opposing defense respect that position. With the Bengals final pick in the 2015 NFL draft, No. 238 overall, the team has addressed speed at the wide receiver position as well as possibly adding a guy to compete at the kick return spot. That guy is in fact, Mario Alford out of West Virginia University.

Alford flashed a 4.27 in the 40 to highlight his speed. One of the knocks on him is that he needs a few steps to get into gear, but once there, that gear is fast. He has a good push to create separation from corners and has excellent ball tracking ability.

Some other knocks are that he lacks size and has an issue with drops at times. However he has a 5th round draft projection and looks like a great grab in the 7th. He will be a guy that requires the safety to stay with him and will be considered a deep threat. One scout said they would use him like the Colts use T.Y. Hilton.

CBS has his strengths as:

Above average top-end speed that defensive backs have to respect...accelerates well vertically to get behind the secondary, showing multiple gears...sudden athleticism with the ease of movement and twitch to elude defenders in open space - dangerous ballcarrier...tracks the deep ball well and plays above his measureables downfield, elevating and attacking.
Creates separation with the threat of speed, eating up cushions and working back to the ball well...decisive play speed and toughness, not surrendering at initial contact...good hand size for his frame...impact ability as a kickoff return man with a 28.6 return average and two touchdowns in 2014...loves football and it's what he knows best.

Tweets in response to the Alford pick were largely positive: