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Bengals sign Louisville OL Jake Smith

The Bengals added to their stable of offensive linemen with a veteran from Louisville.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have signed Louisville offensive lineman Jake Smith, according to multiple reports -- and the player's twitter account.

Bengals head coach attended Louisville's pro day in March.

Per CBS Sports draft page:

STRENGTHS: What makes Smith so reliable is his consistent technique. Though not an elite athlete by any means, he's light on his feet, is a natural bender, and utilizes good hand placement to establish leverage enabling him to anchor and hold ground against much larger opponents. He keeps his feet moving and does a good job of resetting without panicking when initially knocked back, and as a run blocker is quick enough in a short area to take on sequential blockers and stay ahead of the play.

WEAKNESSES: At this point, Smith's game is more technique than physicality as he's not a guy you'll see blowing defenders up frequently, and in rare cases where he does lose leverage, he can be easy to thwart.

All in all, Smith's durability, strong fundamentals, instincts, and versatility to play any of the interior positions outweigh the few drawbacks and should be enough to merit at least mid-round consideration next spring if he puts together another strong year.