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OPEN THREAD: The FCC and cursing on live television

We present a topic to debate/discuss. However, this open thread isn't tied to only that conversation. Talk about whatever you want; the stories of the day or the topics that we present. Make these work and we'll keep offering them.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

We've all seen, heard and lip-read it. We've even used those words doing the same thing. Per a story on, the FCC has fielded:

22 complaints about profanities heard on golf broadcasts on CBS, NBC, Golf Channel and ESPN, according to FCC records obtained by through a Freedom of Information request. Fifteen of those grievances, or nearly 70 percent, relate to salty language uttered by Woods.

1) The least shocking part of this story is that 70 percent of all curse words were used by Woods;
2) You have a live broadcast of competitive sports and fail to tape delay enough to bleep out the words? If these networks are fined, it's THEIR fault for presenting these and shoving a camera/mic in the player's face after a horrible approach shot. What are we expecting here? Cups of tea and folk stories about cute Hobbits. Go Bryan Price yourself.
3) These are words. Curse words, yes. But words made by man that man has deemed offensive in the lexicon. Words. Created by man. Grow the Bryan Price up.

Agree? Disagree? Indifferent?