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Paul Dawson, Cedric Ogbuehi compared to Luke Kuechly, Sebastian Vollmer

Two of the Bengals' first four picks are drawing comparisons to some of the NFL's best players at their respective positions.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

How good can Cedric Ogbuehi and Paul Dawson be?

CBS Sports' Chris Trapasso thinks they both could be prototypes of two of the NFL's best players at their respective positions. Trapasso compared Ogbuehi to Patriots tackle Sebastian Vollmer. Drafted in the second round of the 2009 draft, Vollmer has developed into an All-Pro lineman for New England.

He's exactly the kind of player Ogbuehi should strive to become:

Prototype -- Sebastian Vollmer, New England Patriots: Vollmer is a gargantuan tackle at 6-8, 320, yet he rarely lets more stocky defensive linemen and outside linebackers get under his pads and ride him back into Tom Brady's lap.

He yielded only four sacks in more than 1,000 snaps in 2014 and gets out well in the run game.

With more teams sliding their premier pass-rusher to left defensive end to get a "favorable" matchup, the right tackle position is growing in importance, and Vollmer is as sound as they come as a pass-protector and a blue-collar ground-game aid.

Rookie -- Cedric Ogbuehi, Cincinnati Bengals: College offensive linemen often can dominate in the run game through sheer mass and power.

It's not often, though, that offensive linemen are polished pass-blockers who can handle any type of pass-rusher.

Ogbuehi represents the latter.

Coming off an ACL tear and not needed to be an immediate starter in Cincinnati, the Texas A&M stalwart will have time to get stronger, which will help him anchor against the bull-rushing ends in the NFL.

With more muscle mass and slightly better punch timing, Ogbuehi will have it all. He mirrors well, essentially floats back in his kick slide and has a deadweight anchor.

Then there's Dawson, the final pick of the third round in this year's draft. At one time, Dawson was projected as a first-round pick and the best 4-3 linebacker in this year's draft.

That was that case with Luke Kuechly going into the 2012 draft. He ended up going ninth overall to the Panthers, where he's become the best inside linebacker in football. Trapasso called Dawson a prototype of Kuechly, which should make Bengals fan smile.

Prototype -- Luke KuechlyCarolina Panthers: He has the athleticism to frequently fly to the football, can take on blocks then shed them and is comfortable running down the seam with tight ends.

He's the most reliable middle linebacker in football.

Rookie -- Paul Dawson, Cincinnati Bengals: Though he didn't time nearly as well as Kuechly, his play recognition and reaction are supremely impressive.

He has the size, aggressiveness and game speed to instantly translate to the NFL after playing in the wide open Big 12 at TCU.

This isn't the first favorable comparison Dawson has gotten. CBS Sports' Rob Rang compared him to Buccaneers Pro-Bowler Lavonte David.'s Lance Zierlein compared Dawson to former Falcon backer and 3x All-Pro Jessie Tuggle. Bleacher Report compared him to former 49ers stud Chris Borland, who was the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month last November.

And, the Bengals think Dawson could be their new Vontaze Burfict. Needless to say, Dawson is getting a ton of hype