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ESPN's Uni Watch ranks Bengals uniforms among worst in NFL

Uni Watch is not a fan of the stripes.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

You may like the Bengals' uniforms, but the majority of the world may not share the sentiment.

The guys at Uni Watch (via ESPN) did a power ranking of all 32 NFL team's uniforms. They were not kind to the Bengals, ranking them 31st:

31. Cincinnati Bengals (-)
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There's a fine line between uniform and costume, and the Bengals have been on the wrong side of it for years now. The striped panel on the pants even looks like a tail. Unfortunately for them, Halloween doesn't fall on a Sunday this year.

Jacksonville was the only team to follow the Bengals on the list.

Depending on who you ask, some think the Bengals have one of the best uniforms in the NFL, and others think of it as the worst. Cover 32 did their own rankings in 2014, where Cincinnati came in at No. 9.

Some people find the stripes obnoxious, but that’s just showing a lack of imagination. There isn’t a uniform in any sport that better represents a team’s mascot than what the Bengals wear every Sunday.

FOX Sports' rankings had Cincinnati come in at No. 25, as did the Houston Chronicle. The guys at CSN Washington tabbed the Bengals with the 30th-best uniforms.

Personally, while the new uniforms are fine, I love the old 1980s and 90s all-black attire:

What do you think? Are the Bengals' uniforms perfectly fine, or are they in for a bit of an upgrade?