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Bengals Bites (5/24) - Dreaming Big

The Bengals backup quarterback has dreams of being a 100 million dollar man. Who will have the biggest rookie impact for the Bengals? Can the Bengals really extend A.J. Green?

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Bengals' A.J. McCarron Has big Dreams for Andy Dalton and Himself
Cincinnati Bengals backup quarterback AJ McCarron is finally feeling healthy after suffering a shoulder injury that kept him out for most of his rookie season. Hoping for a shot at becoming the primary backup behind quarterback Andy Dalton, McCarron shared this about his health

Who Will Be the Cincinnati Bengals' Most Impactful Rookie?
The Cincinnati Bengals had a very good offseason. It featured a shockingly active free agency as well as another great draft. Much like in years past, the Bengals seem to be the only team that can find undrafted gems on a yearly basis during the chaos following the draft. Cincinnati brought in a lot of young rookie talent, but now comes the question who will be the most impactful rookie this season?

How realistic is Bengals extending A.J. Green?
The Bengals want to sign A.J. Green to a contract extension. Green would like to sign a contract extension. This much can be agreed upon surrounding what would be the largest financial investment in the team's near future.

One & Done: Cincinnati Bengals' Ross Browner recalls his 'extra' special PAT | FOX Sports
Growing up in Warren, Ohio, Ross Browner always dreamed of finding the end zone. In fact, most nights, when he and his brothers would play outside, the last call they'd dial up before coming in for the evening was a Hail Mary for the win.

Terrelle Pryor dreams of a Super Bowl, but is it in a Bengals uniform? | Cincinnati Bengals
After being invited to tryout for the Cincinnati Bengals this season, Terrelle Pryor has had a reoccurring dream over the past few years and it’s one that the Bengals hope is a premonition of how their season will play out.

Pats fan takes belief in Brady’s innocence to the grave | ProFootballTalk
Deflategate has taken a lot out of Tom Brady's reputation across most of America. But in New England, Brady is as beloved as ever. In fact, the extent to which some in New England are rallying around Brady has reached new highs -- or lows, depending on your perspective.