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Bengals kickoff OTA: What you need to know

The Cincinnati Bengals (and most NFL teams) will start practices on Tuesday, otherwise known as OTAs. A few notes and things you need to know.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals kickoff their third and final phase of the offseason training program. This phase includes actual practices, otherwise known as organized team practice activities, or OTAs. There is no live contact, nor positional one-on-one drills. These are boring sessions that open with Sparta-sized celebration because there's nothing else going on -- and if you're in Cincinnati, OTAs are great because the irritation caused by the Cincinnati Reds is at an all-time high.

WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT: Not much of anything. In fact, any news that comes out of Paul Brown Stadium during this phase, will likely be bad (aka, injuries). We're pretty much just expecting a few locker room quotes (most likely repeating the same things that have been said a million times) and a handful of Tweets about impressive plays. OTAs tend to go like this: Interest is explosively high with significant enthusiasm because football is happening... and then it usually fades into a whimper.


+ May 26-28
+ June 2-4
+ June 8-11
+ June 16-18 (Mandatory)



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