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CBSSports: 2 Bengals predicted as breakout players for 2015

CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco, an obvious fan of the Cincinnati Bengals for the way they've rebuilt their roster over the years, released a list of breakout players in 2015. Two players featured are Bengals.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Pete Prisco hasn't shied away from his appreciation, if not borderline fandom, of the Cincinnati Bengals. While we're cheering for the Bengals for purely fanatical reasons which comes from our geography or lineage, Prisco happily promotes the roster-building initiative that the Bengals have established over the years. Cincinnati has reached a point where if a veteran leaves, probability suggests there's a decent replacement waiting. Despite their postseason woes, it's easy to appreciate the way that the Bengals have done things over the years.

Prisco released his breakout players of 2015, including two Bengals players:

Tight end Tyler Eifert:

He suffered a torn right labrum last offseason, put off surgery, and then dislocated his elbow in the opener, ending his season. He is expected to be ready for the opener, and should be a big part of the offense. Jermaine Gresham is gone, so the Bengals need a big year from Eifert catching the football.

Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick:

He showed in a Week 16 start last season against the Broncos he has the talent to be a good starting corner, picking off Peyton Manning twice, once for a touchdown. It's taken some time because of injuries and a quality depth chart, but Kirkpatrick is set to open as a starter. It's an important year as his contract is up after the season.

Will Eifert and Kirkpatrick live up to the hype this year? We sure hope so.