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Tom House mentoring all 4 Bengals QBs

Another offseason of Dr. House is benefiting the Bengals.

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One of the most popular names associated with the Bengals this offseason isn't a coach or player in the NFL. In fact, he's one of football's most famed quarterback consultants.

Noted NFL quarterbacks mentor Tom House has become a commonly thrown around name in Cincinnati for the work he's done with Andy Dalton over the past two years. It's now spread to the other three QBs Cincinnati has under contract.

House spent a day in Cincinnati with his colleague, Adam Dedeaux during OTAs watching Dalton, along with Terrell Pryor, AJ McCarron and Josh Johnson during OTAs. It's the next step of House's teaching that will hopefully result in all four quarterbacks reaching new levels in their pro careers.

"They’ve had their homework from us. Now we come out and watch them in their environment," House said, via "We’ll combine what they learned from us and get feedback from them, so the whole process gets better. That speaks well to the Bengals organization the fact they’re actually letting someone from the outside like us come in and do some evaluations. It was wide open. They let us talk to anybody and vice versa."

It's great to see the Bengals quarterbacks using the same guru to help improve their mechanics. Even when House isn't in Cincinnati, those four can help each other with their refinement and stay true to what they've learned, rather than regress into old habits.

That appeared to be what happened to Dalton last year. Through his first six games in 2015, Dalton was completing 68% of his passes for 250 yards per game with a QB rating over 90 while also being ranked the No. 9 QB on Pro Football Focus (6.4), a mere .2 points behind Peyton Manning (6.6).

However, Dalton began regressing into old habits, which caused him to be PFF's No. 28 QB the rest of the regular season. Maybe if Dalton had fellow Tom House disciples on the roster, they could have helped him not fall back into those old habits which plagued him the rest of the year.

"I’ll look at anything that might make our team better," Bengals OC Hue Jackson said. "I don’t care what it is. They have a profile of what the great quarterbacks are and how he conducts his business, how he plays the game, what the expectations are, how they perform. We’re on the same wavelength, but while they’re working with two or three different guys in their environment, we’re working with 25 on offense and 25 on defense, or whatever the number is. We have a different charge than they do, but you can always learn from each other."

It's unlikely the Bengals will keep more than three QBs, but just having one who uses the same mentor should help Dalton's play stay level in 2015 rather than result in another roller-coaster ride of a season.