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Bengals to travel 16,062 miles for eight away games

The Cincinnati Bengals face the AFC West and NFC West this year; which should really pack on the frequent flier miles. In reality, they won't be the top-10 traveled team in the NFL this year.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

When the Cincinnati Bengals kickoff the regular season, they'll uncharacteristically head to the west coast for the Sept. 13 season opener against the Raiders. The following three away games will played in the Eastern Time Zone in Baltimore, Buffalo and Pittsburgh before heading to Arizona, San Francisco and Denver, with a date in Cleveland in between.

Despite swings to Oakland, Arizona, San Francisco and Denver, the Bengals will travel 16,062 miles this year -- which ranks 13th among all NFL teams, according to CBS Sports.

The top 13:

Bengals travel miles

Before the schedule for this season was announced, there was talk the Bengals may stay on the west coast for a week between games. But the only back-to-back west coast games fall during Christmas week. So, the Bengals will most likely be returning home between each trip to the west.