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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Wait, what... edition

Here's a 2016 NFL mock draft. Don't hate me.

Wait, you thought these mock drafts were over?



We had so much fun presenting mock drafts and cataloging them that we decided to get a jump on this. With candles burning incense, I'm laying in my two-sizes too small tub full of bubbles and rubber duckies.

Or not.

This is merely an exercise of curiosity on my part.

Mocking the draft released their 2016 mock draft and Ohio State dominates with Joey Bosa, Cardale Jones (who is not transferring to Akron), Ezekiel Elliott and Taylor Decker.

As for the Bengals, our "friends" have Cincinnati picking No. 18 -- which is 14 spots sooner than expected. The Bengals are selecting Alabama defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson.