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Dramatic Twitter Frenzy with Andrew Whitworth

Andrew Whitworth certainly has a lot to say about his looming contract extension and the new OTs in Cincinnati.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Whitworth took to Twitter today to further express his interest in obtaining a contract extension before hitting the field for the 2015 season. We reacted, and so did the Bengals' veteran OT. Whitworth sent out a storm of Tweets and Retweets from fans regarding staying in Cincinnati for the remainder of his career.

In case you don't spend your whole day scrolling through Twitter like we do here at CJ, here's some of what you missed:

Lance McAlister didn't take well to Whitworth's Twitter rant (which went on for about two-hours):

And in response, Melissa Whitworth, Andrew's wife, got involved... This Tweet was actually also sent by Whitworth himself, but has since been deleted, and now he has retweeted this iteration from his wife.

And to elaborate, Whitworth retweeted this:

McAlister did not respond. Hopefully the Bengals can come to an agreement on an extension with Whitworth. As he says in many of today's tweets, he loves the fans and even at 34-years-old he was still the No. 2 OT in the NFL in 2014. Couple that with the fact that he's a team captain and a locker room leader, and it seems hard to imagine Whitworth not being a Bengal throughout the end of his career.