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Paul Dawson's New Mantra: Understate and Overplay

Paul Dawson has a whole lot of confidence. But he's changing his approach. His new mentality will be one that shows instead of tells.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Dawson is still learning from TCU coach Gary Patterson. One of the newest lessons he's learned since being drafted by the Bengals is to put his bragging and boasting days behind him and to focus in on his new mantra: It’s better to understate and overplay.

According to the TCU Star-Telegram, when Dawson watched the first two rounds of the NFL draft pass without hearing his name called, it "solidified the more humble outlook Dawson needed as he moved into the professional segment of his career."

Dawson spoke with his TCU coach this week, who told him, "‘Don’t boast and brag too much. It’s better to understate and overplay.’" And now, Dawson says that's the mantra he'll follow as he begins his NFL career as a Bengal.

A failed drug test for adderall and several infractions from being late to team meetings are what the Bengals third round draft pick believes caused him to slip to the 99th overall selection in this year's draft. But, moving forward, here's what Dawson has to say:

"I really can’t say anything, I've just got to prove it to everybody," he said. "I just have to prove it by my actions and that’s what I plan to do."

The put your money where your mouth is mentality is likely a good move for the Bengals' new linebacker. And Dawson intends on being mentored by another former Frog, Andy Dalton, who reached out to Dawson via text message after he was drafted.

At a TCU press conference this week, Dawson said, "We’re just ready to work. We’re just ready to win. We’re ready to win Super Bowls. That’s what we’re about. That’s what Frogs are about."

Dawson is also excited that the Bengals' home jerseys are black, his favorite color. "I think I look pretty good in those jerseys," he said.