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David Fulcher mentoring inmates looking for second chance

Even though his teams didn't always win, David Fulcher was, and continues to be, a winner on and off the field.

George Rose/Getty Images

Former Bengals safety David Fulcher loves serving others, and he's found a new way to do so while also giving former convicts a second chance at life.

Fulcher is now running a non-profit organization called MANA (Mentoring Against Negative Actions), working with inmates to teach them life skills once they are released from prison. Too often, prisoners are released and go right back to their criminal ways because they can't adjust to society.

Fulcher founded MANA in order to give them a better chance at a second life, as Deborah Dixson of Local 12 writes:

They learn life-skills such as how to get a Social Security card, and how to develop a plan for getting out that includes housing, transportation and a job.They're taught lessons for a fresh start.

Fulcher said he talks to the men in MANA like his sons. And once they get out they can come back for fatherly advice anytime they need it.

He has an office at the justice center. It's more than change, for these men it's starting over. Fulcher said he is always looking for jobs for his graduates. He said he will put his name behind any of them.

Fulcher also serves the younger generation of Ohio by holding an annual youth football camp in Mason, Ohio every July. He is also active in fundraising and awareness activities, especially for Multiple Sclerosis.

During his time with the Bengals from 1986-93, Fulcher got very familiar with the highs and lows of winning and losing. A three-time Pro Bowler, Fulcher was on the last Bengals Super Bowl team in 1988, and in 1990 he was part of the Bengals last team with a winning season until 2005.

Even though his teams didn't always win, Fulcher was, and continues to be, a winner on and off the field.