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Bengals Bites (5/8) - One Two Punch

The Bengals may have locked up the future bookends in the draft. The NFL dream is now a reality for many young players. A look at roster possibilities.

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Bengals reset 2015: Heavyweight 1-2 punch in draft -
In the 12th of a 32-team series, publisher Frank Cooney resets the offseason of the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals found future bookend blockers with their first two picks in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Cincinnati Bengals Shaw looks to turn corner
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Paul Dawson Ready for NFL Career with Bengals
TCU's Paul Dawson set to play for the Cincinnati Bengals

Toni Pole headed to Bengals rookie camp - CougCenter
Pole will get a tryout with Cincinnati.

NFL dream now a reality for Cincinnati Bengals draft pick Tyler Kroft |
Tyler Kroft could only laugh as he watched Rutgers quarterback Chis Laviano target tight ends on four of his first five passes in the Scarlet-White game on April 24. "Especially the first few plays, I'm sitting there with my family and I was like, 'I guess they're using the tight ends a lot this year,' " Kroft said in a phone interview. "We were laughing."

Small school, small world, big dreams

Hobson's Choice: draft call
You either loved or hated the pick in the second round, Oregon left tackle Jake Fisher. No tweeners. The re-signing of Michael Johnson knocked pass rusher off the list of draft needs.

Breaking Down Cincinnati Bengals Roster After the 2015 NFL Draft | Bleacher Report
n the aftermath of the 2015 NFL draft, grades, undrafted free agents and more, it's time to step back and take a broad look at the Cincinnati Bengals roster going into the heat of summer.  By all accounts, the Bengals improved via the spectacle in Chicago. Some might think the improvement leans more toward future years, which is fair, and there's something to appreciate about owner Mike Brown and coach Marvin Lewis sticking to their plan.

Police disagree with prosecutor letting Frank Clark off with a fine | ProFootballTalk
The prosecutor who gave Seahawks second-round draft pick Frank Clark a plea deal that allowed him to get off with a $250 fine on a domestic violence charge is facing criticism from the local police chief and others.

Walkthrough 5.6: Bengals post-draft FAQs
The draft came and went, with it a new round of questions as all eyes now turn toward the start of training camp in late July. Sure, there will be OTAs and mini-camp and maybe even a late signing before the Bengals report, but for the most part the same storylines will carry us until the position battles begin.

Don Yee explains Brady’s refusal to provide texts and email | ProFootballTalk
Perhaps the most glaring problem for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the Wells report comes not from anything Brady said but from the things he didn’t say. Specifically, his decision to refuse to provide his text messages and emails constitutes a failure to cooperate with an investigation and, per NFL rules, conduct detrimental to the league.

Arena Football Player Busted For Hitting Child With Helmet During Game
Portland Thunder defensive back Quincy Butler has earned the Arena Football equivalent of being waived after angrily throwing his helmet into the crowd and hitting a child.