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Bengals Andrew Whitworth wants to end his career in Cincinnati

Andrew Whitworth spent Saturday coaching rookies at minicamp before taking questions regarding one of the worst weeks of his professional career. In the end, he says that he wants to spend the rest of his career in Cincinnati.

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Geoff Hobson

Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth uncharacteristically became a divisive talking point (of debate) among Bengals fans this week. When asked about the team drafting two offensive tackles in the opening two rounds, Whitworth didn't appreciate the lack of communication and demanded a contract extension. Two days later, an accidental tweet was published that was, to say the last, incendiary but also revealed to be an accident as his wife was joking about the situation with one of his teammates (because god forbid if people don't take themselves too seriously). And I'm pretty sure that the Whitworths are laughing about the situation (which impacts them the most) more than you.

It's been a rough week. You get home on Friday, crack open a cold one and put your feet up. "Thank goodness this week is over," you would normally say. That was Whitworth's week in a nutshell. Let's hope that this doesn't happen again.

Instead of avoiding the drama that would invite a fleeting armada of beat writers during rookie minicamp, Whitworth faced it. Whitworth, joined by his sons and starting quarterback Andy Dalton, who also brought his son, spent the morning session working with the rookies -- notably Jake Fisher and Cedric Ogbuehi (who is watching from the sidelines) -- as a "coach".

Whitworth chatted with reporters for over 10 minutes on Saturday and his tone significantly changed.

"Monday was a tough day for me and probably handled it in ways I shouldn't have, to be honest," Whitworth said in a story by Jim Owczarski with the Cincinnati Enquirer. "To me, it's about always trying to make decisions that reflect my leadership and who I am. Because I hold myself to a high standard, I wish I maybe handled it a little better. But the real truth is, at the end of the day, I love it here, I love leading these guys and our family has always been committed to that and always will be."

In the end, Whitworth loves it in Cincinnati wants to finish his career here.

"I'll never put on another uniform other than a Cincinnati Bengals uniform," Whitworth said via "The bottom line is I love this. I won’t play anywhere else. "(The Brown family) has always been great and loyal to me and my family. We will continue to be that way to them."

"Mike and I get along fine," Whitworth said via ESPN's Coley Harvey. "Everybody tries to make it a personal thing and it's not. I love Mike, I love the family and I love the Bengals and they love me back."