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Top 10 Potential Bengals Breakout Players 2015: No. 8, Denarius Moore

We continue with the breakout player countdown with a receiver that the Bengals nabbed in free agency. Can Denarius Moore find some of the success he had in Oakland now that he is reunited with Hue Jackson?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

When a team has an established star at wide receiver as the Cincinnati Bengals do in A.J. Green, it's hard to picture another player at the position having a "breakout year". Especially being buried on the depth chart. Such an argument could be made for veteran Denarius Moore, who joined the club via free agency this year after spending his first four with the Oakland Raiders.

In his first two seasons with the Silver and Black, Moore made quite a few plays in an offense that starved for some. Battling through a quarterback carousel including starts from Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer and Kyle Boller, Moore scored 12 receiving touchdowns in his first two seasons. Drops and a failure to reach the end zone in 2014 made him expendable in the Bay Area this offseason.

In case you've forgotten, current Cincinnati offensive coordinator Hue Jackson was the head coach for the Raiders in 2011 when Moore began to emerge. It's the reunion five seasons later that has fans intrigued on the possibilities.

Why He Makes The List:

Speed As A Deep Threat: Before 2014, Moore never dipped below 14.5 yards per reception in a season, including a whopping 18.7 average his rookie year. In those three seasons, he had a 78-yard touchdown, a 58-yarder and another 73-yarder. In short, Moore can stretch the field. It's this ability making Moore a valuable commodity for the Bengals in 2015. Green can stretch the field as can Marvin Jones, but both had injury issues last year, so having another threat is always helpful.

The Reunion With Jackson: As was mentioned above, Moore blossomed as a rookie NFL wide receiver under Jackson's eye. With the arsenal re-supplied for Jackson this year and adding another vertical threat like Moore to the mix, fans could finally see the full Jackson creativity they have heard so much about over the past couple of seasons. Bengals receivers and tight ends have the versatility to be moved inside and out, so Jackson could use Moore to his best strengths, of which he has to be familiar with from their time together in Oakland.

2015 Outlook:

It's possible Moore has a difficult time making the roster, particularly if Mario AlfordNo.9 on this list, impresses. Second-year man James Wright is in the mix too, as are Cobi Hamilton and others. Even if Moore does end up making the final roster, he won't be higher than No.4 on the depth chart and will not be more than a niche player in the offense, behind Green, Jones and Mohamed Sanu.

Still, given the team's injuries at wide receiver last season, having an experienced veteran with a track record of some decent production in the back pocket would be comforting. If the group stays healthy and Moore can manage 30 catches for a few hundred yards along with a small handful of scores, that should boost an offense that sputtered in stretches last season.