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Bengals RB roster is the sixth-best in the NFL

The Cincinnati Bengals running back roster is one of the best in the NFL. ranked them sixth overall. Do you agree?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is doing it.


Let's rank the best teams. Worst teams. Best positions. Worst positions. Which team has the best and worse pass rush? Or which quarterback has the best shade of autumn hair that sprinkles with blonde highlights. Thanks to the actual lull that encompasses the summer months in the NFL (thus justifying the point the NFL isn't really a year-round exercise, despite the narrative), we're ranking things to keep active the portion in our brains that holds NFL information. ranked the best backfields, labeling Cincinnati's running back roster as the sixth-best in the NFL.

Jeremy Hill was a blast to watch last season, finishing the year as the league's top rookie rusher. Ending the regular season with outputs of 148, 147 and 100 yards, he gives play-caller Hue Jackson a one-cut dynamo who runs harder and shows more agility than many expected. Tough to bring down, Hill has a legitimate shot to become a top-five back in the NFL, while Giovani Bernard remains in place as arguably the league's top passing-down weapon. The Bengals last season notched their most carries since 2009. That trend won't change with a full season of Hill tearing through opponents: