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The NFL world is bored. We're highlighting this week with mandatory practices but really... we're talking about practice, man. Practice. In the meantime, there are rankings.

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Pour concrete on the ground. Take a twig as your makeshift pencil and write your top-three quarterbacks in franchise history. Wait 10-20 years and revisit the creation. Will it change? In most cases, the top-three Bengals quarterbacks in franchise history are probably Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason and Carson Palmer. Some will interchange Palmer and Andy Dalton, who has set several franchise records... and is the starting quarterback for a squad with four consecutive postseason berths on their resume (a franchise best).

Anderson and Boomer are also viewed with similar interchangeability. No matter what, they should be ranked as the first and second best passers in franchise history (whatever the order); both won playoff games and quarterbacked Cincinnati to the Super Bowl. There is no argument there. is ambitiously ranking the top quarterbacks in franchise history.

16) Bengals: Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason, Carson Palmer

Esiason and Anderson each won an NFL MVP award. Anderson has received some Hall of Fame buzz in recent years -- deservedly so -- but he's never been a finalist. Both quarterbacks had a mid-career lull, although Anderson rebounded while still with Cincinnati. Palmer's tenure with the Bengals was also marked by ebbs and flows. Unfortunately, knee and elbow problems derailed a very bright start for the former first overall pick.

I'm OK with this. How about you?