Marvin Lewis on message to players as OTAs wrap-up


"Don’t get hurt … and stay away from the knuckleheads. There’s knuckleheads around every turn. Make sure those people that you’re around think your career is more important than you do. You have to make good choices, good decisions. They’ll leave here with a great baseline of conditioning at football level right now. We don’t want to lose it. We want to continue on it. We’re at this point and we want to come back at this point and we want to work at that point. They’ve got a great baseline right now of where they are in conditioning and so forth, so we want to continue on with that. Their body fats, their weights and so forth are all monitored and checked, so that’s an easy way to continue with them. This has been good. They need a little break from the coaches, and I know the coaches certainly need a break from them. That’s good time for the coaches to be away."