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Josh Johnson gaining more reps than Terrelle Pryor

Cincinnati Bengals quarterbacks Josh Johnson and Terrelle Pryor are locked into a duel for the third-string quarterback job.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

If Terrelle Pryor and Josh Johnson are battling for the third-string quarterback position, then one might be inclined to make Johnson quarterback 3A and Pryor 3B - or third and fourth string, respectively (my version was more dramatic). According to tweets from ESPN reporter Coley Harvey, Johnson received more snaps/reps during the opening two sessions at mandatory minicamp.

When a confused fan questioned the logic in having Johnson take more snaps than Pryor, Harvey said:

Clearly there's significant fluidity in June. Plus, if neither quarterback submits an impressive run through September, the team probably won't see the logic in keeping three quarterbacks. AJ McCarron appears fairly secured as Andy Dalton's primary backup at this stage.