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Bengals Minicamp: Day 2 Practice Report

The Cincinnati Bengals completed the second practice of mandatory minicamp on Wednesday. Here's a quick review of the stories that took center stage today.

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Derron Smith makes an impact during practice

Cincinnati Bengals rookie Derron Smith had notable moments during Wednesday's practice at Paul Brown Stadium. According to reports, backup quarterback AJ McCarron targeted Brandon Tate down the sidelines. Smith tracked the football and intercepted it -- though one or two add that the rookie safety landed out of bounds.

"Smith was playing in a two-deep zone when he made the play on the ball after Ghee released Tate up the sideline," writes Richard Skinner with Local 12 News. "If left a tight window for McCarron to fit the pass and he said he was trying to throw the pass out of bounds, but that the wind blew it back onto the field of play."

Smith, who has primarily worked with the second-team group during minicamp, was selected in the sixth round of the 2015 NFL draft.

Rex is hurt

Running back Rex Burkhead has spent most of the offseason transitioning from running back to wide receiver... no, let's amend that suggestion. Burkhead remains a running back who's developing skills across different mediums (can he play center?). On Tuesday, Burkhead beat Leon Hall, who is experimenting at safety, down the seam.

According to reports, the third-year running back landed "awkwardly", causing an injury that required a wrap and ice.

Fight, fight!

Offensive tackle Matt O'Donnell and defensive end Wallace Gilberry got into a brief skirmish on Wednesday. Both players were quickly separated.